Selecting The Breast Lift Technique That Is Suitable For Your Condition

Women undergo several bodily changes as they continue to grow older. Childbirth and aging can cause the breasts to lose volume and sag. Sometimes the breasts sag so much that the nipples are actually below the crease of the breasts. The breasts may also have the shape of a pendulum whereby the upper part is flat and the lower part extends downward. You may also have breasts which are not the same in that one breast is significantly lower than the other one. All these conditions can be corrected through a breast lift surgery to give you firmer and shapelier breasts.

Pre Surgery Exam

In order to undergo a breast lift procedure, you will need to book an appointment with a cosmetic surgeon. He will examine your breasts to check how much they have sagged and the position of the nipples and the areolas. He will also check the quality of your skin and the amount of excess skin present. He will check the shape and size of the breasts and may take measurements and photographs. He will then be able to recommend the technique that will give you the best results.

The doctor will need to know if you are under any medication as you may need to discontinue some types of medication until after the surgery. You also need to stop smoking and the doctor will review your health to ensure that you are in good physical condition.

Crescent Breast Lift

There are different ways in which the breast lift procedure can be carried out. The technique that the surgeon will use will depend on how much the breast needs to be lifted. The periareola or crescent breast lift is done by making an incision on the upper part of the areola and a little skin is removed. The nipple and the areola can then be positioned a little bit higher than before. This procedure gives the least amount of scarring and is only suitable if you only need a small degree of lifting.

Donut Breast Lift

There is also the circumareola breast lift where an incision is made around the areola. The skin that is removed is in the shape of a donut and that is why the procedure is also known as the donut breast lift. The remaining skin is then pulled towards the areola so that the breast can be lifted. The size of the areola can also be adjusted during the procedure.

Lollipop breast lift

The lollipop breast lift is where the surgeon makes an incision around the areola and then vertically down to the crease of the breast. It is also known as a vertical breast lift. The surgeon gets rid of the excess skin that is on either side of the vertical incision. The incision on the areola allows the surgeon to position the nipple higher up on the breast.

Inverted T Breast Lift

The inverted T breast lift is where the surgeon makes an incision around the areola, vertically down to the crease of the breast and then horizontally along the crease of the breast. This is the technique that results in the largest scar. This technique is normally used if your breasts have severely drooped.

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